daily recap · planning · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 252: Leftovers (again)

For lunch I heated up the leftover home fries and bologna and fried an egg.

Dinner was pav bhaji without the pav and just on rice. It was still very good! I think we will make it again.

We watched Death in Paradise on Britbox. Would it kill to them to swap in a detective who isn’t a white guy?

The roofers were supposed be back but the team was awaiting Covid results (eep! Joel they are okay) so they are sending another team tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be too loud!! I sort of planned the day and our meals for yesterday and today thinking they’d be here and noisy. It did end up being noisy because our neighbor is having work done but it ended being a fairly chill day. I just want it done so I never have to hear the word “soffit” again.

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