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Day 253: Pizza & Ravioli

I went to Aldi this morning (details here if you are interested) and did a big shop. I’ve always been tempted by their take and bake pizzas but knew they wouldn’t fit in the fridge. Then I had the idea just to get it and make it for lunch. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a take and bake pizza before and I know it’s been a decade since I’ve had a regular frozen pizza. It was pretty good! Like a fancy version of the $1 Mama Celeste we’d get when I was a kid.

For dinner I ate some of the ravioli I got at Costco recently with leftover pesto and spinach and Matt had noodles and cottage cheese with spinach. Low budget Florentine, I guess!

We watched Leave Her to Heaven (Netflix DVD) which somehow neither of us had seen before. It was beautifully filmed.

They did a lot on the roof but not in front so it was easy to shop. I did have to haul the groceries all the way down the block but it wasn’t too bad. I think they’ll be done on Friday. It hasn’t been as noisy as I feared either.

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