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Day 264: Lamb & Potatoes

We didn’t have enough leftovers for both of us so Matt had the leftover pork and wild rice and I had a can of minestrone soup. My tip: add a tiny wedge of cheddar to the bottom of your bowl. You will thank me later.

In the afternoon I roasted a seriously old spaghetti squash. It was fine but I swear I bought it in March. I then let it cool and heated it up for dinner.

The rest of dinner was great! I made the perfect lamb roast and some lemon-thyme smashed potatoes. I don’t think I’ve made better lamb before. I have to write these recipes up!

I’ve been working on the blog while watching Insecure with our HBO trial. I hate that I am behind because now I have no one to talk about Molly to.

We kept watching The Undoing. Why is Kidman playing it so cold? I feel like we know nothing about her.

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