daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 254: Meatloaf & Thrown together sandwiches

For lunch I made us sandwiches with flat bread, leftover chicken tenders, the dregs of a container of feta, Trader Joe’s garlic spread, cherry tomatoes (from October!), cucumber and the lettuce leftover from the salads yesterday.

For dinner I made meatloaf and we had baked potatoes stuffed with sautéed spinach.

The roofers were still here most of the day but it’s done now and looks good! We picked blue shingles which looks nice.

I went to Weis and picked up some odds and ends that I can’t get at Aldi. Mostly canned soup, pasta, bricks of cheddar, bread and cottage cheese. Here’s hoping we don’t have to shop any time soon! The freezer is packed so we should be in good shape if things get really bad and we don’t want to go out at all.

We started the Crown. I’m sad my mom didn’t get to see this season, it’s getting to a time when she’d really remember and she wasn’t much older than Diana.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 253: Winter Salad

For lunch I had some leftover rather burnt pizza and Matt had leftover ravioli sautéd with mushrooms, spinach and onions. It reheated surprisingly well!

For dinner Matt made some chicken tenders (oil and egg to coat is the key!) and I made this big salad with pink celery, lentils, beets, oranges and other tasty stuff.

We watched Dark Waters (Netflix dvd). Only Todd Haynes could make that compelling! The editing was great too, especially the scenes of revealing the documentation. It was fun that they used some of the real people in it too.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 253: Pizza & Ravioli

I went to Aldi this morning (details here if you are interested) and did a big shop. I’ve always been tempted by their take and bake pizzas but knew they wouldn’t fit in the fridge. Then I had the idea just to get it and make it for lunch. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a take and bake pizza before and I know it’s been a decade since I’ve had a regular frozen pizza. It was pretty good! Like a fancy version of the $1 Mama Celeste we’d get when I was a kid.

For dinner I ate some of the ravioli I got at Costco recently with leftover pesto and spinach and Matt had noodles and cottage cheese with spinach. Low budget Florentine, I guess!

We watched Leave Her to Heaven (Netflix DVD) which somehow neither of us had seen before. It was beautifully filmed.

They did a lot on the roof but not in front so it was easy to shop. I did have to haul the groceries all the way down the block but it wasn’t too bad. I think they’ll be done on Friday. It hasn’t been as noisy as I feared either.

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Day 252: Leftovers (again)

For lunch I heated up the leftover home fries and bologna and fried an egg.

Dinner was pav bhaji without the pav and just on rice. It was still very good! I think we will make it again.

We watched Death in Paradise on Britbox. Would it kill to them to swap in a detective who isn’t a white guy?

The roofers were supposed be back but the team was awaiting Covid results (eep! Joel they are okay) so they are sending another team tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be too loud!! I sort of planned the day and our meals for yesterday and today thinking they’d be here and noisy. It did end up being noisy because our neighbor is having work done but it ended being a fairly chill day. I just want it done so I never have to hear the word “soffit” again.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 250(!): Leftovers

For lunch I had some canned soup.

For dinner we roasted some mushrooms, heated up the leftover ribs and made wild rice pilaf.

We nailed down the menu for Thanksgiving. I’m going to shop on Wednesday for that and hopefully a good number of weeks of food beyond it. I’m nervous because our fridge is not big and it gets packed after shopping even without a turkey in there.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 249: Eggs & Pav Bhaji

For breakfast we combined the leftover potatoes with the leftover Brussels sprouts for sort of a hash to have with Boursin scrambled eggs.

We had lunch too! I had a little fake crab salad on crackers and Matt had noodles and cottage cheese.

For dinner Matt made pav bhaji in the instant pot using that recipes with some tweaks. He made a whole jar of the spice mix so it will be easier to make later. We had it with little brioche rolls from Aldi.

It was good to use the instant pot for something. I don’t think Matt’s really used it himself before. I like the idea of the instant pot but I’ve had issues with food taking much longer than the guidelines say which sort of defeats the point. It takes a while to come to pressure so if you think something (like a big roast) is finished and it isn’t then that adds a lot of time to start that process over again to cook it longer. We’ve had a couple times where we have just had to make something else to eat at the last minute while the meat keeps on cooking.

I’m still sort of headachy. I can’t seem to get on top of it. I am tired of it and it makes it difficult to do anything.

We caught up on Fargo on Hulu.

The virus keeps getting worse.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 247: Boneless Ribs

For lunch I just had a can of tomato soup with cheese tortellini. It wasn’t bad! I’d get it again, Progesso.

For dinner I made boneless beef ribs in the slow cooker with sort of BBQ sauce seasonings–Montreal seasoning, chili sauce, ground mustard, sliced onion, sliced apple, apple cider vinegar. Then I made brussels sprouts with some very old oranges, red onion and turnips. Matt made this dish using super tiny potatoes I bought at Aldi almost a month ago. Lots of leftovers!

I had a migraine again so I took a nap before dinner.

We watched the new Sofia Coppola movie on Apple Plus. I thought it wasn’t bad but Matt really liked it.

My dad’s doctor wants him to go in for a routine colonoscopy (he’s not having any problems) next week which seems like a bad idea when the infection rate is the highest it’s ever been in Maryland? He’s 70, lives alone and has a pacemaker. How does that make sense? I’m tired of all this.

It has been two weeks since Matt was in unmasked contact with a roofer so he is mask free in the house now. We are still waiting for them to come out and do the soffits. I’m a little annoyed they might be here when I have to do our big Thanksgiving and monthly shop next Wednesday. I can’t park in our driveway and we don’t have much street parking. I don’t want to have to wrestle a turkey down the block. Last time we were basically sealed in the house. I’m planning on making a regular Thanksgiving meal on the 22nd, taking some to my dad on the 23rd to have on actual Thanksgiving since we can’t get together. Matt’s making some Italian food for the actual day.