daily recap · what we ate

Day 295: NYE

Matt took off work and we watched movies all day. We watched Cockney vs Zombies, Night of the Comet, 12 Monkeys and the beginning of 9 for our end of the world theme.

We had spam kimbap for lunch and Italian inspired tuna on homemade focaccia with hard boiled eggs and red onion.

We also had artichoke dip and pita chips.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 294: Leftovers & NYE prep

We had meatloaf sandwiches for lunch, they were even better than they were yesterday!

For dinner I heated up the pork (cut into strips) and the potatoes/cauliflower from Tuesday in a skillet. Not the most thrilling but pretty good!

During the day I made a cake, dip and hard boiled eggs for NYE.

I finished a few short books and Matt worked on the NYE play list. We watched a little of the old Perry Mason which neither of us had seen before. We have a free month of CBS so why not.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 293: Cheeseburger Meatloaf

For lunch Matt had noodles and cottage cheese and I had a can of soup. Boring! But I haven’t been to the store in three weeks and we have been eating leftovers for dinner.

For dinner I made meatloaf. I was sent some new variety of Velveeta that is packed into little individual cubes by Influenster that I had to try. I made sort of a “cheeseburger” meatloaf by adding ground mustard, pickle relish and chili sauce to the beef then placing cubes of Velveeta in the middle and covering it with the rest of the meat. Then more chili sauce. It was actually really good! I also roasted some red skin potatoes with cauliflower and anchovies.

I also cooked a marinated pork roast I had defrosted so we can have an easy meal tomorrow.

We finished up La Forêt on Netflix. We continued to figure out our NYE menu.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 292: Stew part two

For lunch I had some frozen shrimp and Matt had noodles and cottage cheese. I was going to heat up a small marinated pork loin I had taken out of the fridge and slice that up for sandwiches but it was still partially frozen.

For dinner we had leftover stew and added a packet of parboiled farro to it to bulk it up a bit. It was tasty but next time I want to make a stew with potatoes! They are my favorite part and Matt left them out. I had pictured us eating it over mashed potatoes but he had made biscuits instead. It was good to use up the farro though, it had been a special at Aldi that I hadn’t had before so I had been wondering if they were any good. I normally get the them at Target but this was just as good. It’s a really easy way to add grains to soup.

Mitzi is really maturing! She understands cuddling and isn’t trying to nibble on my fingers much. The girls both loved the llamas I bought them for Christmas.

My loom from an Etsy store still hasn’t arrived. It was supposed to be here almost 20 days ago. I actually ordered a second smaller one from Blick last week and I’m hoping that will arrive soon since it shipped via FedEx and I paid $3 extra for home delivery. I’m starting to lose momentum! I bought the online class and watched it weeks ago now. Hopefully I really will like weaving! Winter is so boring I thought it would be nice to do especially around the holidays but I think it will be January before either show up!

We worked on our NYE menu and watched some of La Forêt on Netflix which has one of the actors from the Agatha Christie show in it. I wonder if he is from Northern France because both shows take place there. Or lives there now.!

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 291: Suanla Chaoshou

For lunch we had some frozen ravioli with leftover (homemade) pizza sauce.

For dinner we made pork wontons with a chile oil sauce with black vinegar. It was amazing and it’s great to have all those ingredients on hand.

We defrosted a few foods for later in the week then it’s pantry ingredients for the end of the world marathon.

I haven’t grocery shopped in almost three weeks so I’m going to try to use up some of what we’ve been freezing rather than go to the store. Our freezer is really packed!

We finished Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie. The musical episode was really cute! I’ll miss this cast when they move on to the ‘70s.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 290: Stew

For lunch I had leftover risotto and Matt had some A-Sha Tainan style ramen noodles with watercress.

Matt made stew in the slow cooker with beef, turnips, and carrots and made buttermilk biscuits.

We used the biscuit cozy I made years ago!

Watched more French tv (almost at the end of the series!) and I finished the book The Undoing was based on.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 289: Risotto & Lamb

For lunch I made a smoked fish spread and we had “snackies” with cheese, pâté and apples. I had ordered a take and bake bread from Weis and it was sell by way into 2021 but it was moldy when we went to bake it! It almost looked like a dill bread. Luckily I had some fancy crackers on hand. The tree shaped cheese I had from Aldi was really tasty and cute! It looked like a regular wedge but then it separated into trees.

We had lots of Rheb’s candy for snacks and exchanged presents! We didn’t do much for Hanukkah this year but it was nice to have one day of doing nothing and exchanging presents. I got some earrings and purses so one day we need to finally be able to go somewhere so I can use them!

Matt made lamb chops and fennel risotto for dinner and then lava cakes for dessert! All very easy but fun.

We watched the Christmas episodes of Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie which happened to be in the season we were on!

I’m trying to finish the book The Undoing was based on, it’s so much better but very long. I had a migraine yesterday but feel a lot better now.

My loom still hasn’t moved since Dec 13. Matt urged me to order another loom (the one from the post that sparked my interest) from Blick that might get here sooner (they use FedEx). Hopefully I will like it! The other one I ordered from a store on Etsy was a lot bigger so two sizes might be nice.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 288: Christmas Eve Pizza

For lunch we had hot dogs (they expire over the weekend) and for dinner Matt made pizza. I had splurged for the fancy pizza flour (King Arthur) on a trip to Weis a while back and it worked really well! The dough was pleasantly chewy.

Matt worked most of the day so we didn’t do anything too special. We did open our stockings for each other and watch French tv.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 286: Chicken Meatloaf & Roasted Pears

For lunch we had more ham salad. I almost didn’t think we’d get through the ham but we did! We made a lot of food last week that yielded more leftovers than expected so my plans were a little off.

For dinner I made Italian inspired chicken meatloaf and tried stewed tomatoes in it and it worked really well. I also added Ritz crackers and parm. On the side I made savory baked pears with red onions, rosemary and blue cheese and roasted red potatoes with red onion, rosemary, parm, capers and rosemary. Super easy but flavorful and very little hands on time. I was glad to get rid of all those pears! We had so many and I don’t love Bosc for eating out of hand.

We watched Meet Me in St Louis and The Shop Around the Corner. I didn’t know MMSL was funny! The youngest daughter was great.