daily recap · what we ate

Day 269: More Soup plus Corn Muffins

For lunch we had tuna with cucumbers instead of celery since we are out.

Our new downspout on our new roof doesn’t seem to be connected properly and it rained. The noise is incredibly loud outside of our bedroom so sleep was limited. Please let them come out soon to connect it. It’s unbearably loud and we only have one bed and one bedroom.

We took a nap and Matt did some work as he is on call. We needed that nap!

I dropped off my library book in the book drop. It was sent from out of state on interlibrary loan and somehow I was only given 3 days to read it! It was a cookbook but still! Due on a Sunday too.

For dinner we finished off the split pea soup and made half a dozen corn muffins.

We watched more Gentleman Jack.

We can’t find one of our mixing bowls and went to order another (we are truly baffled) and I noticed it was available for Amazon Fresh delivery so I added some odds and ends to the order and placed it. Even if I end up at Aldi this week, I don’t want to go to a regular supermarket any time soon.


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