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Day 271: Norwegian Plukkfisk & Kimbap

It was quite and international day here! For lunch I made our main meal, Norwegian Plukkfisk (Patreon recipe) which was really cozy! Maximum hygge for the one of the coldest days this fall.

Then for dinner Matt made kimbap with burdock root, pickled radish, cucumber, carrot and leftover ham. So good!! It was one of those boneless whole hams so it was the perfect thickness and we could cut long strips out of it. I hope Aldi has more when I go there Wednesday. The burdock and radish have lasted forever in the fridge. Kimbap is such a great light meal. Matt also bought 100 sheets of gim back in the spring so it is good to work on that.

I ordered a loom and a ebook with videos today. I really don’t feel like sewing (I really feel like we have some electricity issues I want to have checked out. We are running a lot with Matt working from home now) and embroidery is okay but slow going and I really don’t feel like my contacts prescription is quite sharp enough. I think I at 20/25 and I’m finding myself getting tired doing fine work like that. Anyway, I ordered a frame loom and thought I’d make some free form tapestry type things. Why not?

We watched some Miss Sherlock on HBO Max. I like the food scenes. Lots of eating even when it isn’t part of the plot.

We normally do a movie and food themed marathon each year for New Years Eve. I think we are going to do end of the world/apocalypse and make rationing food. I think it will work because I don’t know if I’ll be shopping for food then like I normally go.

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