daily recap · what we ate

Day 275: Burgers

I went to my dad’s to drop off his Christmas present today! He also had some Tupperware (pudding/parfait bowls) that my mom had that he didn’t want anymore. We went over some paperwork and he gave me some muffins and cookies he had made.

When I got home I had the leftover pizza and Matt had a can of soup.

I was a little headachy so I took a nap then we had burgers with chipotle in them (leftover from empanadas a couple weeks ago), some tortilla chips and steamed broccoli. Matt made half the meat into meatballs for lunch another day.

We watched the Christmas GBBO specials on Netflix then started The Wilds on Amazon. What a campfest!

I also came home to some coffee from Influencer so that was a fun surprise!

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