daily recap · what we ate

Day 277: Latkes & Subs

For lunch we had mini meatball subs with meatballs Matt made with the meat leftover from making burgers Friday.

Matt made zucchini potato latkes and chicken tenders for dinner. Happy Hanukkah! I haven’t been able to find candles this year since I’m not shopping in person much so Hanukkah is getting the short shrift this year. I gave Matt the Eat Something: A Wise Sons Cookbook for Jews Who Like Food and Food Lovers Who Like Jews cookbook and he gave me a new case for my iPad that doesn’t have a keyboard which is awesome. I love the fancy keyboard but it’s difficult to watch or read when it’s attached.

We watched the new the Secret Garden (Netflix dvd) and tried a new show on Acorn but it wasn’t great.

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