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Day 278: Soup & Noodles

For lunch I made us mi goreng with leftover pork and cabbage. We will probably have it tomorrow too! We had a lot of pork leftover.

I made a beet-beef-sauerkraut soup in the slow cooker. So good! We have a ton of jars of sauerkraut I swear I bought last fall to use up, we had beets from our produce delivery last week I had roasted on Friday that needed to be used. It turned out great! We made some take and bake bread from Aldi to go with. That bread has been a great find during the pandemic. It’s around $2 and tasty. Not as great as from the Italian store but better and easier than I’d whip up in an afternoon.

We watched Hjem til jul on Netflix I watched it last year but Matt didn’t see it and the new season is available Friday! It’s a not too Christmassy Christmas drama. I like seeing a peek at everyday life in Norway!

I’ve been watching I May Destroy You during the day. It’s so good if stressful.

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