daily recap · what we ate

Day 280: More Soup & Ground Beef Gravy

I was starving yesterday! We had some canned soup for lunch then I had some shrimp too. It was like I burnt the very last calorie I had.

For dinner we made ground beef gravy. My grand pop used to make it so it seemed perfect for a cold night even if we mostly got ice and not snow. So much for my snow puppy dreams! She doesn’t mind the cold though which is great.

We finished the last episode of The Crown and watched some more of the French Agatha Christie show on MHz. It was a really good one based on The Pale Horse.

Before bed we put up some boneless beef ribs in the slow cooker to make sauce for Friday’s dinner. Normally we don’t do that overnight but I thought it would make tomorrow easier and Friday really easy! I’m trying to get up the urge to do some holiday baking.

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