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Day 286: Chicken Meatloaf & Roasted Pears

For lunch we had more ham salad. I almost didn’t think we’d get through the ham but we did! We made a lot of food last week that yielded more leftovers than expected so my plans were a little off.

For dinner I made Italian inspired chicken meatloaf and tried stewed tomatoes in it and it worked really well. I also added Ritz crackers and parm. On the side I made savory baked pears with red onions, rosemary and blue cheese and roasted red potatoes with red onion, rosemary, parm, capers and rosemary. Super easy but flavorful and very little hands on time. I was glad to get rid of all those pears! We had so many and I don’t love Bosc for eating out of hand.

We watched Meet Me in St Louis and The Shop Around the Corner. I didn’t know MMSL was funny! The youngest daughter was great.

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