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Day 289: Risotto & Lamb

For lunch I made a smoked fish spread and we had “snackies” with cheese, pâté and apples. I had ordered a take and bake bread from Weis and it was sell by way into 2021 but it was moldy when we went to bake it! It almost looked like a dill bread. Luckily I had some fancy crackers on hand. The tree shaped cheese I had from Aldi was really tasty and cute! It looked like a regular wedge but then it separated into trees.

We had lots of Rheb’s candy for snacks and exchanged presents! We didn’t do much for Hanukkah this year but it was nice to have one day of doing nothing and exchanging presents. I got some earrings and purses so one day we need to finally be able to go somewhere so I can use them!

Matt made lamb chops and fennel risotto for dinner and then lava cakes for dessert! All very easy but fun.

We watched the Christmas episodes of Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie which happened to be in the season we were on!

I’m trying to finish the book The Undoing was based on, it’s so much better but very long. I had a migraine yesterday but feel a lot better now.

My loom still hasn’t moved since Dec 13. Matt urged me to order another loom (the one from the post that sparked my interest) from Blick that might get here sooner (they use FedEx). Hopefully I will like it! The other one I ordered from a store on Etsy was a lot bigger so two sizes might be nice.

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