daily recap · what we ate

Day 275: Burgers

I went to my dad’s to drop off his Christmas present today! He also had some Tupperware (pudding/parfait bowls) that my mom had that he didn’t want anymore. We went over some paperwork and he gave me some muffins and cookies he had made.

When I got home I had the leftover pizza and Matt had a can of soup.

I was a little headachy so I took a nap then we had burgers with chipotle in them (leftover from empanadas a couple weeks ago), some tortilla chips and steamed broccoli. Matt made half the meat into meatballs for lunch another day.

We watched the Christmas GBBO specials on Netflix then started The Wilds on Amazon. What a campfest!

I also came home to some coffee from Influencer so that was a fun surprise!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 274: lots of fish

For lunch I made tuna salad. Matt went to pick up our holiday Rheb’s Candy order (you can pick each individual piece in the box online!) and I wanted to have something ready so he could eat and get back to work.

For dinner we had this weird frozen bag of fish and chips (all in one bag!) I bought at Aldi awhile back. It actually wasn’t bad! I was a little scared but it was fine. I’d eat it again and now our freezer will actually close without a lot of wrestling. We had bagged salad with it and made homemade tartar sauce.

We finished off Perry Mason. The second half was a lot better but they should have made it been about two cases. There wasn’t enough there for 8 episode later about the same thing.

The puppy is getting big!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 273: Pizza & Steelhead Trout

I did a huge shop at Aldi this morning. I brought home a take and bake pizza for lunch.

Since we had a big lunch I made a small steelhead trout filet to split and some miso glazed hakurei turnips with their greens and some added spinach. I’m excited that Aldi has been having more fresh fish.

I made toffee for my dad. He’s been experimenting with flavoring his coffee with actual nuts and candy (?) so I thought he might like it. I’m dropping off his Christmas present and picking up some odds and ends on Friday so I thought it was a good day to make it. It turned out pretty good!

We are powering through Perry Mason on HBO Max. I never saw the original so it’s all new to me.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 271: Norwegian Plukkfisk & Kimbap

It was quite and international day here! For lunch I made our main meal, Norwegian Plukkfisk (Patreon recipe) which was really cozy! Maximum hygge for the one of the coldest days this fall.

Then for dinner Matt made kimbap with burdock root, pickled radish, cucumber, carrot and leftover ham. So good!! It was one of those boneless whole hams so it was the perfect thickness and we could cut long strips out of it. I hope Aldi has more when I go there Wednesday. The burdock and radish have lasted forever in the fridge. Kimbap is such a great light meal. Matt also bought 100 sheets of gim back in the spring so it is good to work on that.

I ordered a loom and a ebook with videos today. I really don’t feel like sewing (I really feel like we have some electricity issues I want to have checked out. We are running a lot with Matt working from home now) and embroidery is okay but slow going and I really don’t feel like my contacts prescription is quite sharp enough. I think I at 20/25 and I’m finding myself getting tired doing fine work like that. Anyway, I ordered a frame loom and thought I’d make some free form tapestry type things. Why not?

We watched some Miss Sherlock on HBO Max. I like the food scenes. Lots of eating even when it isn’t part of the plot.

We normally do a movie and food themed marathon each year for New Years Eve. I think we are going to do end of the world/apocalypse and make rationing food. I think it will work because I don’t know if I’ll be shopping for food then like I normally go.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 270: Pancakes & Fish Stew

We made pancakes again since we still have buttermilk. This time we swapped the melted butter in the pancake batter for oil (for ease) and they came out slightly more like McDonald’s pancakes which I’m not mad about.

For dinner I made a stew with salt pollack we had been rehydrating for a couple days. It came out well! I think I’m going to add the recipe to my Patreon. It’s a great pantry recipe because everything was preserved in some way but it was still very tasty!

We watched Miss Sherlock on HBO Max.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 269: More Soup plus Corn Muffins

For lunch we had tuna with cucumbers instead of celery since we are out.

Our new downspout on our new roof doesn’t seem to be connected properly and it rained. The noise is incredibly loud outside of our bedroom so sleep was limited. Please let them come out soon to connect it. It’s unbearably loud and we only have one bed and one bedroom.

We took a nap and Matt did some work as he is on call. We needed that nap!

I dropped off my library book in the book drop. It was sent from out of state on interlibrary loan and somehow I was only given 3 days to read it! It was a cookbook but still! Due on a Sunday too.

For dinner we finished off the split pea soup and made half a dozen corn muffins.

We watched more Gentleman Jack.

We can’t find one of our mixing bowls and went to order another (we are truly baffled) and I noticed it was available for Amazon Fresh delivery so I added some odds and ends to the order and placed it. Even if I end up at Aldi this week, I don’t want to go to a regular supermarket any time soon.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 268: Fried Rice

For lunch we just had canned soup. We are in the dredges with fresh groceries. It’s been about three weeks and the last trip involved Thanksgiving so I wasn’t able to get as much as usual due to space concerns surrounding the turkey. I’m debating going shopping next week, we have a lot in the freezer but are getting low with milk and eggs and fresh meat/produce. The virus is up since when I went but the positivity rate is like 8% vs 7% which doesn’t seem horrible and will mostly likely only go up closer to Christmas. At this point next week, it would have been two weeks post Thanksgiving so hopefully people would either be well or staying home if sick or past the real infection already stage.

It’s really difficult to know what to do! I do wonder if I’d regret not going and then really getting down to just freezer food if it’s too bad to shop in late December.

For dinner we had fried rice with leftover ham from making the soup. So good! I was starving, a can of soup is not a full lunch!

We watched more Gentleman Jack. Matt’s on call so he’s had extra work to do.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 266: Hot Dogs & Macaroni Salad

For lunch I had some frozen shrimp and Matt had the leftover Brussels sprouts/ribs/rice. I tried some McCormick’s extra hot cocktail sauce and it was legit!

For dinner we had hot dogs, pickled red cabbage and I made homemade macaroni salad. I really miss getting deli salads! It’s hard to make just enough for two people and not end up with a ton of leftovers.

We watched Beforeigners on HBO Max and I think it was our favorite show for the whole year.