daily recap · what we ate

Day 296: NYD

We continued our annual movie marathon with Anna and the Apocalypse (a musical that ended up being a real downer as everyone she loves dies), Sadie’s Last Day on Earth (cute and very Canadian), tried Little Monsters (so bad even Lupita Nyong’o couldn’t save it) and Into the Forest (why did they cast 30 year olds as teenage daughters of Callum Keith Rennie?). A real mixed bag. Night of the Comet was a hard act to follow.

We had dace with black beans on rice with sautéd cabbage. Not a fan of the canned dace. It was oddly chewy and just tasted like salt.

Our other meal was instant “Korean Army Stew” (budae jjigae) with pork belly, carrot and extra onions and it was really good! The packet even had fish cake and the chili beans in it.


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