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Day 298: Mochiko Chicken

For lunch we had some frozen ham croquettes. The directions were odd—you broiled them for 7 minutes—I don’t think that was the best way. They were alright but cooked unevenly. We also had some cheese and an English muffin.

For dinner we had mochiko chicken, rice and delicata squash that took forever to roast. I don’t know why. It was older (I bought the last time I went to Trader Joe’s around Thanksgiving) but not bad or anything.

I placed a Weis order and they made most of the items! Normally I just get dry goods and dairy but I added a whole chicken and some produce (I forgot potatoes though!) and they arrived okay. The virus is picking up and I really want to avoid in person shopping. I have mixed feelings about delivery (I hate having to put someone else at risk) but I figure once a month or so from one store isn’t too bad.

I defrosted some stew meat so I think we are going to make beef and barley soup tomorrow.

I’m working on my first weaving! My original loom is still AWOL but the smaller one (that I first heard about in the post that started it all) I ordered last week arrived quickly and is great. I really like weaving so far! It’s really what I was hoping for, no patterns, not too fine of details and fairly immediate gratification. I’ve made clothes/quilted and knitted/crocheted small items and did a bit of embroidery but my favorite was decoupage and this sort of reminds me of that, lots of putting little pieces together to form a whole.

We started watching the Great Pottery Throw Down on HBOMax and it’s interesting to see all the techniques. I’m confused about the filming schedule though. The GBBO is filmed on the weekends but this show seems to take forever with all the drying times.

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