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Day 299: Mushroom Barley Soup

Got soup going in the slow cooker while I used my sun lamp this morning. I had bought a huge thing of dried mushrooms at Costco a few months ago so I used them and the strained liquid for some of the broth and added 8 oz fresh mushrooms, parsnips, (very pale yellow) carrots and barley and beef. I like it very thick and porridge-like so Matt thinned his out for dinner.

For lunch I heated up the leftover chicken and sticky rice in a skillet with garlic crisp and soy sauce. Not bad. Matt had noodles and cottage cheese because we didn’t have much left.

I worked on my tapestry! Caught up on some tv then switched to the Good White Parents podcast. Oy. I wish I had new You’re Wrong About but I’m all caught up except for Terri Schiavo and the Tanya Harding episodes because I’m a little burnt out on their stories.

More Pottery! I’m glad neither of us do pottery! It looks expensive and time consuming.

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