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Day 300(!): Roasted Chicken & Stuffing!

For lunch I had some canned soup and Matt had noodles and cottage cheese. We had leftover barley soup but that is really more of a main meal type dish—very filling.

I had ordered a whole chicken with our Weis order Sunday. It was sell by Thursday so I wanted to go ahead and make it up. I picked up some cubed soft potato bread a few weeks ago (it might have actually been a bit before Thanksgiving, even soft cubed bread has long expiration dates) so I made some basic stuffing in a Pyrex dish using the fat/juices from the chicken as it cooked (there wasn’t much, it was a small chicken) on the bottom of the pan. Normally we make stuffing balls in the pan with the chicken or turkey but this was a good, easy compromise. I made potato and rutabaga mash for the side. It was very good! Lots of leftover stuffing, some mash and a couple cups of chicken.

Matt made a quick stock with the bones while we watched Rebecca (Netflix DVD, it took over a month to get here!) and it yielded almost 32 oz!

I finished my first weaving project!

And a pompom out of the scraps. I think I might try to do that after each project.

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