daily recap · what we ate

Day 302: Lasagna & Soup

We split the serving of lasagna from yesterday’s weird pick up dinner for lunch. Matt added a little extra noodles to the sauce. I had the leftover stuffing as a snack.

For dinner Matt made buttermilk biscuits and we had the leftover barley soup.

I made a Whole Foods order, I broke a kitchen tool they sell so I ordered that and some produce (potatoes!) and fancy English muffins for breakfast over the weekend.

More weaving! You can tell I have liked the same colors for a long time because my old yarn odds and ends (some have to be 15 years old!) and some new yarn/fiber I ordered are all very similar and easy to coordinate.

This is yarn all bought at random at at least four separate locations!

I listened to Death in Ice Valley today. We watched some of the Pottery Throwdown. I’m reading the book The Flight Attendant was based on. The author seems like he really writes a lot very unrelated books. So far it’s pretty close to the show except some superficial details.

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