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Day 308: Duck Noodles

For lunch I had some canned minestrone soup. My secret is that I put a tiny wedge of cheddar in the bottom of the bowl and let it melt. Matt had the leftover sausage/red beans and rice.

For dinner I had defrosted a duck breast I had from over a year ago from some client work that we never ate. Matt seared it and we had it on some Neoguri with the rest of the napa cabbage and mushrooms from the weekend.

I haven’t been to the grocery store since Dec 9th so we’ve been relying on food we froze and staples. We’ve had a couple deliveries with dairy and produce (and one chicken) that we can’t get at Aldi. Normally we get produce delivery but it’s been pretty grim since nothing is in season. It’s expensive and I don’t like paying that much for potatoes and turnips when I can order them from the regular grocery store. I’m just taking it week by week. The virus numbers keep climbing so I’d like to avoid in person shopping and delivery as much as possible.

I will probably make a library pick up this week, they give you two weeks to pick up books now and I have a few in but some are being shown as “in transit” so I’m hoping they will arrive and I can get them all at once. Then I will have no more holds in.

We watched more Discovery. I wish there was more character development; it’s three seasons in. They keep telling us they are having trouble adjusting to the time jump but it’s hard to believe since they don’t seem to have hobbies, families, interests or any plans beyond flying around space.

More weaving! I’m trying to figure out twill. Chevron is in the ebooks I bought but not regular twill and I can’t find a video that shows it for more than a row or two.

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