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Day 309: Bison Sloppy Joes

For lunch I had another can of soup (not many leftovers this week!). For dinner we had broccoli and bison sloppy joes (defrosted bison meat from Aldi) sort of following this recipe but adding carrots for moisture and bulk. We used some purple carrots from a produce delivery from a few weeks ago and it turned the whole dish really dark purple.

We tried watching some Netflix DVDs but they were both bad. We watched the latest Zoey’s Playlist. It’s nice to see more of the sister-in-law character.

All of my holds came in at the library so I’m going to pick them up tomorrow!

Apparent Costco is offering same day delivery in our area so I placed an order for tomorrow. There are a couple things I’d like (parchment paper!!) that they haven’t had for regular online shopping. You can get things like rotisserie chicken too. I don’t know if I’d do this a lot but we are out of some things we need. Costco is pretty far from us, I’m surprised they will deliver here.

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