daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 310: Chicken Sandwiches

I had the leftover sloppy joes over mi goreng, which was an interesting choice, for lunch. Matt just had it on a roll.

For dinner we had rotisserie chicken sandwiches and wedge salads. The Costco delivery was successful. I hadn’t realized it was via Instacart and I don’t love them as a business. I did tip very well. The chicken actually arrived hot which I honestly didn’t expect because we do live at least 20 minutes from Costco. It was nice to get fresh bread too. They didn’t have the ham I hoped for which was disappointing but okay.

We finally started Ted Lasso (Apple Plus) and it is funny if very earnest.

Listened to Let’s Talk about Sects and did some weaving. My yarn was scheduled for today but no sign of UPS.

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