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Day 314: Pork Chops & Rainbow Chard

For lunch I sautéd some zucchini with egg and used it to top some noodles. For dinner we had red beans and rice (from a packet) and pork chops with sautéd rainbow chard.

I placed another Whole Foods order because Matt wants to make clotted cream to make clotted cream shortbread and they are the only place I could find that sells cream that isn’t ultra pasteurized. We also ordered some other things. I don’t know why delivery people don’t seem to think things like sausages or other refrigerated items doesn’t have to be kept cold. The dairy was cold but the liver mousse, sausage, smoked fish and a couple of other things were close to room temp. This has happened quite a few times now with Amazon/Whole Foods. If it is refrigerated at the store, it should be kept cold when it comes here.

I wrote up the recipe for the tomato soup I posted about yesterday here. It was so good!

I got another migraine after dinner. So tired of them! I ended up having to go lay down in a dark room. I did get a new chair for my desk (lime green!) so Matt put that together while I rested. Am I the only one who likes to leave the arms off computer chairs? I think my arms are too long for it to be comfortable.

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