daily recap · what we ate

Day 317: Pizza!

For lunch I made popcorn. We haven’t made huge dinners so haven’t had much leftovers to deal with. Later I made some mi goreng and shredded some zucchini in it.

Matt made pizza with pepperoni, rapini and red onion. It didn’t rise as much as we thought. He switched to the recipe that called for 00 flour because we’ve been using pizza flour from King Arthur but I think we might switch back to the recipe we were using before that called for bread flour and keep using the pizza flour. It was still tasty though!! Just small and not as risen.

We watched a odd Russell Tovey show The Sister on Hulu. He is not behaving in a way that makes sense which is frustrating! I recently watched Years and Years on HBO Max while weaving and he was so good in it, it’s annoying to see him play someone so frustrating.

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