daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 323: Gumbo

For lunch I had more minestrone! Boy did that make a lot. It was good but three days in a row is a lot.

For dinner Matt made gumbo with a mix from A Cajun Life. They had sent me some items to try a long time ago and we came across a few boxes in the pantry. I was skeptical of a gumbo mix but it was tasty! It really had some depth of flavor. He used up the chicken leftover from yesterday in it.

I bought a yarn winder and swift and have been rolling years worth of yarn while we watched The Repair Shop on Netflix. I feel like an old lol. It works remarkably well even though I didn’t buy the top of the line wooden ones. It’s so quick!

I had another migraine so ended up going to bed early but did teach myself a new technique on the loom!

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