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Day 324: Nargisi Kofta Curry

For lunch we had fish stick sandwiches with homemade tartar sauce. We also had a cheese (good, Spanish) and Scottish oatcake (not good) snack. I’m not sure if we have any more fish sticks left! The wild caught Aldi ones are really good.

Matt took off work because he has to work a little tomorrow so he made nargisi kofta which is basically a spicy lamb scotch egg in a yogurt-tomato curry sauce. Very tasty but rich! We have enough for it to be a whole other dinner leftover. One of his old coworkers raved about a restaurant in New Jersey that served only “egg based cuisine” and we thought of him. What other Indian egg dishes are out there?

Honestly we took a big nap during the day and read. Then we watched a little more of the Repair Shop and One Night in Miami (Prime) which was good. So many actors we like in other things were in it! And yay Regina King.

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