daily recap · what we ate

Day 325: Cauliflower & Hot Dogs

For lunch we had leftover gumbo.

For dinner we hat hot dogs and I made this cauliflower crouton dish (the recipe is for Patreon subscribers if you are interested!) that was really good and used up leftover bread from last weekend and a cauliflower that has been taking up a lot of room in our fridge.

We finished the Repair Shop (why is there only one season out of like 8 available on Netflix?) and caught up on Discovery of Witches (Sundance) and read. Not too exciting. I still didn’t feel great after my migraine(s) earlier in the week.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow! Matt dropped off my books at the library book drop just in case its gross next week and I can’t get them back. Our library doesn’t have a parking lot (city life!) so it is treacherous when it snows, they don’t shovel or salt very well even when the library is open normally and sometimes I have to park blocks away. No one wants to break an ankle returning library books, especially during a pandemic!

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