daily recap · what we ate

Day 316: Fish Sticks & Butternut Squash

For lunch we had canned soup (no leftovers again!) and for dinner we had fish sticks and roasted butternut squash. Nothing too exciting! We also roasted a spaghetti squash at the same time so we could use it for something else over the weekend. Matt also made pizza dough.

We watched Zooey’s Playlist on Hulu. She clearly made the wrong choice!!

More weaving.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 315: Inauguration

For lunch I had the leftover mashed turnip/potatoes from over the weekend and few bites of leftover pork and red beans and rice. Matt had the rest of the pork and read beans and rice.

For dinner we had bread/cheese/mushroom pate and the rest of the frozen spinach apps we had. And what is supposed to be a sunburst tangerine from the tangerine crate I ordered but I think is a honeybell tangelo.

We watched The Bay on Britbox. I doubled back and started the Tanya Harding episodes of You’re Wrong About.

Finally Trump is out of the White House!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 314: Pork Chops & Rainbow Chard

For lunch I sautéd some zucchini with egg and used it to top some noodles. For dinner we had red beans and rice (from a packet) and pork chops with sautéd rainbow chard.

I placed another Whole Foods order because Matt wants to make clotted cream to make clotted cream shortbread and they are the only place I could find that sells cream that isn’t ultra pasteurized. We also ordered some other things. I don’t know why delivery people don’t seem to think things like sausages or other refrigerated items doesn’t have to be kept cold. The dairy was cold but the liver mousse, sausage, smoked fish and a couple of other things were close to room temp. This has happened quite a few times now with Amazon/Whole Foods. If it is refrigerated at the store, it should be kept cold when it comes here.

I wrote up the recipe for the tomato soup I posted about yesterday here. It was so good!

I got another migraine after dinner. So tired of them! I ended up having to go lay down in a dark room. I did get a new chair for my desk (lime green!) so Matt put that together while I rested. Am I the only one who likes to leave the arms off computer chairs? I think my arms are too long for it to be comfortable.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 213: Tomato Soup & Pancakes

Today I made an exciting tomato soup with dumplings that I will have to share the recipe for soon. I had a migraine today so I didn’t feel up to writing it all out.

For dinner Matt made buttermilk pancakes and bacon. We need to find a better way to keep pancakes warm while cooking. Anyone have any ideas? We have a tortilla warmer but I thought they might get soggy in it.

We watched more Lupin on Netflix. I still don’t understand how the necklace was returned to the family and why they wouldn’t have needed to pay the insurance company back or something.

Did a lot of reading.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 312: Bangers & Mash

For lunch we had instant noodles with some leftover chicken—I had the last of the cheese ramen.

For dinner we had bangers and mash with broccoli (and a turnip in the mash). We tried the instant gravy from our Scottish store order and it was pretty good. We didn’t have real bangers so we used some German sausages I had frozen.

Started Lupin on Netflix. It’s fun but I have a few questions!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 311: Salad & Snackies

For lunch we had chicken sandwiches, Matt had to work.

For dinner we had this breaded Camembert with lingonberry jam from Lidl we bought months ago, some cheese (truffle burrata!) and pate from our Whole Foods delivery a few days and Matt made a big salad with homemade vinaigrette.

I finished another weaving while watching a Lifetime movie with a really interesting cast.

We watched Shanghai Express (Netflix DVD).

Ground up some coffee for cold brew that I got from Christmas made by Tabi Bonney’s family.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 310: Chicken Sandwiches

I had the leftover sloppy joes over mi goreng, which was an interesting choice, for lunch. Matt just had it on a roll.

For dinner we had rotisserie chicken sandwiches and wedge salads. The Costco delivery was successful. I hadn’t realized it was via Instacart and I don’t love them as a business. I did tip very well. The chicken actually arrived hot which I honestly didn’t expect because we do live at least 20 minutes from Costco. It was nice to get fresh bread too. They didn’t have the ham I hoped for which was disappointing but okay.

We finally started Ted Lasso (Apple Plus) and it is funny if very earnest.

Listened to Let’s Talk about Sects and did some weaving. My yarn was scheduled for today but no sign of UPS.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 309: Bison Sloppy Joes

For lunch I had another can of soup (not many leftovers this week!). For dinner we had broccoli and bison sloppy joes (defrosted bison meat from Aldi) sort of following this recipe but adding carrots for moisture and bulk. We used some purple carrots from a produce delivery from a few weeks ago and it turned the whole dish really dark purple.

We tried watching some Netflix DVDs but they were both bad. We watched the latest Zoey’s Playlist. It’s nice to see more of the sister-in-law character.

All of my holds came in at the library so I’m going to pick them up tomorrow!

Apparent Costco is offering same day delivery in our area so I placed an order for tomorrow. There are a couple things I’d like (parchment paper!!) that they haven’t had for regular online shopping. You can get things like rotisserie chicken too. I don’t know if I’d do this a lot but we are out of some things we need. Costco is pretty far from us, I’m surprised they will deliver here.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 308: Duck Noodles

For lunch I had some canned minestrone soup. My secret is that I put a tiny wedge of cheddar in the bottom of the bowl and let it melt. Matt had the leftover sausage/red beans and rice.

For dinner I had defrosted a duck breast I had from over a year ago from some client work that we never ate. Matt seared it and we had it on some Neoguri with the rest of the napa cabbage and mushrooms from the weekend.

I haven’t been to the grocery store since Dec 9th so we’ve been relying on food we froze and staples. We’ve had a couple deliveries with dairy and produce (and one chicken) that we can’t get at Aldi. Normally we get produce delivery but it’s been pretty grim since nothing is in season. It’s expensive and I don’t like paying that much for potatoes and turnips when I can order them from the regular grocery store. I’m just taking it week by week. The virus numbers keep climbing so I’d like to avoid in person shopping and delivery as much as possible.

I will probably make a library pick up this week, they give you two weeks to pick up books now and I have a few in but some are being shown as “in transit” so I’m hoping they will arrive and I can get them all at once. Then I will have no more holds in.

We watched more Discovery. I wish there was more character development; it’s three seasons in. They keep telling us they are having trouble adjusting to the time jump but it’s hard to believe since they don’t seem to have hobbies, families, interests or any plans beyond flying around space.

More weaving! I’m trying to figure out twill. Chevron is in the ebooks I bought but not regular twill and I can’t find a video that shows it for more than a row or two.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 307: Red Beans & Rice

For lunch I had leftover whitefish salad, the tiny ends of the olive bread and an English muffin. I added some capers to the whitefish salad because it really needed a pickled element.

For dinner we had chicken andouille (defrosted) sautéd with onions and mustard greens and then red beans and rice from a mix. I was hoping we’d have enough sausage for dinner tomorrow leftover but we were hungry and the sausage is very lean and all that was a left was maybe a lunch portion.

I listened to the latest You’re Wrong About and finished another wall hanging.

We watched some more Discovery.