daily recap · what we ate

Day 306: Chicken Sandwiches

For lunch we had leftover egg rolls.

For dinner we had faux Chick-fil-a sandwiches and roasted cauliflower. With a snack of hummus and pita chips because we were starving.

We watched All Creatures Great and Small (PBS) which was cute. Still looking for a new podcast. I tried a couple that seemed peppy but then they all took a dark turn or were sadsacky.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 304: Sardine Pasta

For lunch I made sardine pasta with rapini. For dinner we had olive bread, (canned) stuffed grape leaves, cheese, (frozen) phyllo dough wrapped spinach cheese rolls.

Matt made a buttermilk chocolate loaf cake without the glaze for some reason.

Matt’s relearning crochet so I did some weaving and he crocheted while we watched Pottery Throwdown. Season three was three years after season four! British tv is strange. I wonder if HBO gave them money to get it back. We also watched an episode of Enterprise (free month of CBS).

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 303: Noodles

For lunch we had leftover hot dogs and I had leftover rutabaga and potato mash and Matt had tortilla chips on the side.

For dinner we had mi goreng with leftover roasted chicken and sautéd zucchini.

I finished my second weaving! They are about 9 inches by 12 inches so not huge. This one had so many knots because I created a shag effect.

I made another POMPOM with the scraps and Mitzi tore it up! I had a little leftover so I made a second one. I have the idea to make one per wall hanging.

I placed a big yarn order from a shop in MA. They had a lot of good deals. The local shops here mostly cater to knitting and sell their hand dyed yarn in quantities that aren’t really practical to me.

Dickinson is back on Apple! We watched than then finished off the Pottery.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 302: Lasagna & Soup

We split the serving of lasagna from yesterday’s weird pick up dinner for lunch. Matt added a little extra noodles to the sauce. I had the leftover stuffing as a snack.

For dinner Matt made buttermilk biscuits and we had the leftover barley soup.

I made a Whole Foods order, I broke a kitchen tool they sell so I ordered that and some produce (potatoes!) and fancy English muffins for breakfast over the weekend.

More weaving! You can tell I have liked the same colors for a long time because my old yarn odds and ends (some have to be 15 years old!) and some new yarn/fiber I ordered are all very similar and easy to coordinate.

This is yarn all bought at random at at least four separate locations!

I listened to Death in Ice Valley today. We watched some of the Pottery Throwdown. I’m reading the book The Flight Attendant was based on. The author seems like he really writes a lot very unrelated books. So far it’s pretty close to the show except some superficial details.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 301: Chicken Noodle Soup

Trump supporters stormed the Capital building today. I’m not surprised at all. Horrible horrible people.

For lunch I made homemade chicken noodle soup with Lipton-packet style skinny egg noodles, leftover chicken, the stock we made yesterday, carrots, celery and parsnip. It really only took about half an hour and was really good!

I started a new weave.

Dinner was weird because Matt’s work was supposed to call in food for him to pick up for his meal as part of a work thing but when he called the restaurant, they didn’t know what he was talking about so we made and ate hot dogs. Then they called and said it was ready.

Anyway, it was from a place we used to get Italian food and a sandwiches a lot pre pandemic so he did a distanced pick up of a lasagna and salad. We had the salad today and then just refrigerated the lasagna for lunch tomorrow. It was a nice gesture of his work (a boss is leaving and normally they’d have a party) but awkward because pretty much no place delivers to our part of the city so he had to coordinate a place for pick up and then they placed the order. We haven’t done any real takeout since early March so it was weird! Food we didn’t make ourselves!

Zooey’s Playlist (Hulu) is back so we watched that and some more Pottery Throwdown (HBO Max) and I worked on my new project.

I think podcasts might be better since I have to look at it so much. I listened to all of Nice White Parents in two days. I need something new with a lot of episodes!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 300(!): Roasted Chicken & Stuffing!

For lunch I had some canned soup and Matt had noodles and cottage cheese. We had leftover barley soup but that is really more of a main meal type dish—very filling.

I had ordered a whole chicken with our Weis order Sunday. It was sell by Thursday so I wanted to go ahead and make it up. I picked up some cubed soft potato bread a few weeks ago (it might have actually been a bit before Thanksgiving, even soft cubed bread has long expiration dates) so I made some basic stuffing in a Pyrex dish using the fat/juices from the chicken as it cooked (there wasn’t much, it was a small chicken) on the bottom of the pan. Normally we make stuffing balls in the pan with the chicken or turkey but this was a good, easy compromise. I made potato and rutabaga mash for the side. It was very good! Lots of leftover stuffing, some mash and a couple cups of chicken.

Matt made a quick stock with the bones while we watched Rebecca (Netflix DVD, it took over a month to get here!) and it yielded almost 32 oz!

I finished my first weaving project!

And a pompom out of the scraps. I think I might try to do that after each project.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 299: Mushroom Barley Soup

Got soup going in the slow cooker while I used my sun lamp this morning. I had bought a huge thing of dried mushrooms at Costco a few months ago so I used them and the strained liquid for some of the broth and added 8 oz fresh mushrooms, parsnips, (very pale yellow) carrots and barley and beef. I like it very thick and porridge-like so Matt thinned his out for dinner.

For lunch I heated up the leftover chicken and sticky rice in a skillet with garlic crisp and soy sauce. Not bad. Matt had noodles and cottage cheese because we didn’t have much left.

I worked on my tapestry! Caught up on some tv then switched to the Good White Parents podcast. Oy. I wish I had new You’re Wrong About but I’m all caught up except for Terri Schiavo and the Tanya Harding episodes because I’m a little burnt out on their stories.

More Pottery! I’m glad neither of us do pottery! It looks expensive and time consuming.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 298: Mochiko Chicken

For lunch we had some frozen ham croquettes. The directions were odd—you broiled them for 7 minutes—I don’t think that was the best way. They were alright but cooked unevenly. We also had some cheese and an English muffin.

For dinner we had mochiko chicken, rice and delicata squash that took forever to roast. I don’t know why. It was older (I bought the last time I went to Trader Joe’s around Thanksgiving) but not bad or anything.

I placed a Weis order and they made most of the items! Normally I just get dry goods and dairy but I added a whole chicken and some produce (I forgot potatoes though!) and they arrived okay. The virus is picking up and I really want to avoid in person shopping. I have mixed feelings about delivery (I hate having to put someone else at risk) but I figure once a month or so from one store isn’t too bad.

I defrosted some stew meat so I think we are going to make beef and barley soup tomorrow.

I’m working on my first weaving! My original loom is still AWOL but the smaller one (that I first heard about in the post that started it all) I ordered last week arrived quickly and is great. I really like weaving so far! It’s really what I was hoping for, no patterns, not too fine of details and fairly immediate gratification. I’ve made clothes/quilted and knitted/crocheted small items and did a bit of embroidery but my favorite was decoupage and this sort of reminds me of that, lots of putting little pieces together to form a whole.

We started watching the Great Pottery Throw Down on HBOMax and it’s interesting to see all the techniques. I’m confused about the filming schedule though. The GBBO is filmed on the weekends but this show seems to take forever with all the drying times.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 304: Sardine Pasta

For lunch I made our main meal of sardine pasta with rapini. Then for dinner we had some app type foods with (canned) stuffed grape leaves, frozen phyllo roll with spinach and cheese, olive bread, cheese.

Matt made a loaf cake but for some reason didn’t glaze it.

Matt’s working on relearning crochet and I did some more weaving so we did that while we watched some Pottery Throwdown. We also watched a episode of Discovery (free trial of CBS).