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Day 327: Egg Based Cuisine & Greens

Another snow day! I didn’t realize we’d get more snow today, I thought it was on it’s way up North! Mitzi is a real snow puppy and wore herself out playing.

My in-laws live in NYC and they are supposed to get about 2 feet or more!

For lunch I added some extra tomatoes to the egg kofta and made fresh rice. It was good but I don’t think we are going to make that again, it was really heavy between the lamb and the full fat yogurt.

For dinner Matt made buttermilk biscuits and we heated up the leftover greens. A double leftover day! We still have enough to have it as a side dish again.

We watched All Creatures Great and Small and Great British Menu. Talk about low stakes television. I had warped my loom but I didn’t feel great today.

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