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Day 328: Burgers & Potato Salad

For lunch I just had a can of soup but then I realized we did have leftovers. Tomorrow!

For dinner we made burgers with some beef we defrosted with caramelized onions and gruyere. I also made potato salad and coleslaw. I know it’s Groundhog’s Day but I felt like something summery. I made enough we have have more of both tomorrow and Matt made meatballs out of the leftover meat for another day’s lunch. I don’t think burgers reheat that well so we’ve started making just two for us and then making meatballs with the leftover meat either in the same seasoning or different. Meatballs just heat up better and don’t need a bun if we don’t want one. We’ve both been tired this week so easy meals is the name of the game.

We watched our usual Britbox Tuesday shows, they had both ended in cliff hangers so that got wrapped up. I warped my new loom (the original one I ordered that took over a month and a half to arrive) and I don’t love it. It seems like a prototype or something, the wood is rough and the accessories are a little flimsy. It wasn’t cheap so I’m disappointed and wondering if I should order a different one from another seller. It’s rather rickety.

Like six books came in for me at the library for the Kindle so I need to get reading. I read 24? books in January but I’ve been slacking in February so far.

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