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Day 329: Hot Dogs & Still More Greens

For lunch I heated up the last of the greens and added the leftover rice from our egg based cuisine meals. Not my favorite but at least we finished up some leftovers? The rice really sucked up the liquids and the flavor was lacking as a result.

For dinner we had the rest of the hot dogs and rolls and the potato salad and coleslaw I made yesterday. Easy peasy. I had ordered a 10 lb bag of potatoes so I think I will end up making something with potatoes again tomorrow since they are already sprouting. I’m hesitant to go back into shopping in person since we have so much in the freezer and “pantry” (aka totes under the table) with these new variants around and hopefully more people getting vaccinated. I miss being able to pick out produce and meat. We haven’t been getting meat delivered except whole chicken and processed stuff like hot dogs or ham so I feel like I’m missing out on some Aldi sales! This week is plants and Valentine’s Day which is my favorite holiday.

I worked on more weaving. Ive been trying to ride our exercise bike but somehow it was dinner time before I realized it. I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night so have been sleeping late. It’s throwing off my schedule!

Watched Zooey. The Simon storyline is interesting, I hope Zooey is supportive. More Great British Menu. The Wales chefs were obnoxious 10 years ago, ha!

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