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Day 332: Roast Chicken

Matt had for work for a few hours this morning. We were all up too early for the weekend! The dogs wouldn’t settle and I had ordered delivery from Whole Foods and Target (the first time since the summer!) so I was getting texts from the shoppers. I feel bad about not shopping in person but we really needed some extras and I’ve been reading that they are advising people not to shop in person to reduce the numbers in the store. The shopper was double masking when she dropped off. I tip massively!

Matt made tuna salad sandwiches for lunch and cut up extra celery and onion for dinner. It’s been a while since we had tuna!

I had a baking with Japanese rice flour demo on zoom this evening and Matt made spatchcocked chicken, stuffing in a baking dish using the juices (normally we do balls in with the bird but it’s a tight fit with spatchcocking), mashed potatoes and pickled beets with feta and Spanish black radishes.

I didn’t realize they predicted snow! Now I really feel bad about placing my orders. I did need some meds from Target and we were very low on produce but I could have eked out a couple more days. I swear yesterday they were calling for just scattered showers overnight.

We did get some good things from Whole Foods, a whole chicken, lots of vegetables and cubed lamb stew meat. She was a really great shopper, everything was beautiful and cold which has been an issue before.

We also got a small cake from Milk Bar delivered I had a good coupon and it was nice to get a treat. They do the best job packing it up.

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