daily recap · what we ate

Day 335: Amish style Chicken Soup

For lunch I made us Amish style “chicken pot pie” which is really chicken noodle but with big square egg noodles.

I can post the recipe if anyone is interested! It was really good and used up the leftover chicken from Saturday.

For dinner we heated up the leftover khoresht kadoo. I did it in a skillet because it was faster than baking it with the rice and it ended up reminding me of biryani. I miss take out!

I worked on my weaving. I really don’t like my bigger loom, it feels flimsy. I also didn’t like how part of it looked so I’m going to redo that tomorrow.

We watched out Traces on Britbox (we really liked it, a very solid and well-constructed show—the writer was on a lot of British shows we’ve watched over the years) and The Bay. Not sure where that one is heading.

Tomorrow I am going to my dad’s to pick up his tax forms and some magazines my mom subscribed to where the subscription hasn’t run out yet.

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