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Day 336: Bratwurst with Beans and Swiss Chard

I went over my dad’s to get the tax stuff and magazines. My mom loved Valentine’s Day and always got us candy from Rheb’s and seasonal treats even though we were old lol. My dad gave me a bag of Dove hearts he bought at Target which I thought was nice of him. He said he knew my mom would have done it. No big visit, just a hand off, I’m worried about the new strain and I still can’t get him a into a vaccine slot anywhere.

Then I came home and heated up the soup from yesterday for lunch. And a tiny bit of stuffing.

Sorted out some things with my dad’s insurance. It’s surprisingly easy to call on his behalf and do things. Like shouldn’t it be more difficult to remove people’s names from their car insurance? I have policy numbers etc but still.

I nervous about doing the taxes mom handled it all and last year I offered to help (between Covid and her cancer) and she didn’t want help but I wish she had or I pushed because I’ve had to sort of reverse engineer a lot about their bills and finances that she would totally know the answers too. Luckily she was a huge note taker and very organized but I don’t want to miss anything! Hopefully it will be clear if I am missing anything as I fill it out. I don’t want to have to outsource it during a pandemic!

For dinner I heated up some fat tire bratwurst (very beer-forward) with Swiss chard and great northern beans. It was tasty! I had thought about making potatoes with it but it was getting late and we were starving. Also had some Milk Bar red velvet truffles from our order last week. Yum.

I got a notice that it’s time to renew this site! Almost a year!!

We watched Les Girls (Netflix dvd) which was an odd movie! The songs were not great but the costumes were good.

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