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Day 344: Haluski & Kielbasa

We watched Kielergata on Mhz. It was really good! I also watched some Here on Now during the day when I weaved and I can see why it wasn’t renewed. Kielergata was a lot of fun though .

We had some beef leftover from the sandwiches we had for dinner earlier in the week so Matt had it on the last of the rolls and I had it over chapagetti. I realized I don’t love chapagetti. I liked the jajangmyeon noodles we had earlier in the year but chapagetti is a little blah unless you make chapaguri.

For dinner I made use haluski with a very old cabbage (I really think I bought it in October!) that was still perfectly good. Not even wilted a tiny bit! We have a enclosed porch where I stick the harder vegetables so they don’t take up space in the fridge and it works great. We aren’t having guests over anyway! We had some kielbasa from a Whole Foods order so I sautéd that on the side and added it in.

I finished another weaving!

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