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Day 347: Sesame Tofu with Broccoli

For lunch Matt made grilled cheese with leftover chicken, dill relish and red onion. I had the last few bites of chicken and biscuits for a snack (Matt eats breakfast, often Scottish oatmeal so he isn’t as hungry at lunch time as I am!)

For dinner Matt made sesame tofu with broccoli. It was sort of based on this recipe but made in a way that made more sense and was much more flavorful. It was very ugly but tasty!

We realized we are very low on rice! I just bought 15 lbs of sushi rice in early October and it’s almost all gone. We are very low on Jasmine and basmati too. I need to find a place that delivers because the store we normally go to for rice is closed.

We finished Kielergata. I really hope there is a new season! I predicted the ending but it was still great and the perfect opener to season two.

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