daily recap · what we ate

Day 348: Smoked Salmon & Deviled Eggs

We had some Scottish smoked salmon from our Whole Foods order so I had that on some crackers with red onions and capers and Matt had it on an English muffin.

Later Matt made some deviled eggs for snack. They were very bacon heavy!

For dinner we ran out of time and ended up making hot dogs and onion rings. Matt also sautéd some dandelion greens with mushrooms from our produce delivery but they were so bitter we couldn’t eat them! We like bitter greens too.

My husband’s aunt and uncle sent us a card and a check to get something fun for ourselves for Valentine’s Day! So nice of them! We ordered some goodies from Russ and Daughters. I can’t wait. I miss bagels so much.

We watched Los Spookys on HBO Max. Fred Armisen is a creepy man .

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