daily recap · what we ate

Day 349: Fried Filet of Flounder

For lunch I had a can of soup and some popcorn. Pickings are slim around here! tomorrow Matt might go to the Italian market near us and pick up some parmesan and maybe some sandwiches and other goodies! It’s been a while since we’ve been and I’ve missed having Parmesan around for pizza and risotto. They have the best!

The positivity is around 4% here so I might go back to doing a in person store visit. I really miss shopping in person! They are still saying the new variants are easier to transmit but the rate is really low so I’m not sure how to reconcile those two things. I haven’t shopped in person since 12/9!

For dinner Matt made fried flounder, collards and wild rice pilaf. So good! The flounder was frozen but it is so thin it defrosted quickly.

We watched My Man Godfrey on Netflix DVD. Classic. Carole Lombard was a pip.

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