daily recap · what we ate

Day 351: Mortadella Sandwiches

We needed some Italian ingredients so Matt went to the local Italian market and got groceries and sandwiches! Sandwiches someone other than us made! We got what they started calling the “Matt special”—mortadella, tomato, olive spread, aged provolone. So good. It’s funny because it was actually my order to begin with but he liked it and we ordered it so much in the before times and he was the one who’d pick them up after he had class that they started calling it after him.

For dinner we had some Italian bread, and leftover wild rice with collard greens topped by fried eggs.

We watched a couple of DVDs from Netflix. Kajillionare and Bill and Ted Face the Music what a combo! I felt like I wasted some hours there. At least they were both short. Miranda July had one movie we liked and then they’ve all been rough since.

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