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Day 354: Spaghetti and Meatballs

We are really getting close to a year of staying home and making all of our own meals save I think two sandwiches from the Italian market and H Mart sushi. I had to renew the hosting and website address for this site!

I’m still unable to get my dad in to be vaccinated. Maryland, despite being the richest state in the US is in the bottom five for the vaccine roll out. Hogan is such trash.

My new loom arrived!! It’s adjustable on the sides so I can make it taller (longer?) it’s a lot sturdier than the larger one I have now and the expansion is a great idea. If I really get into large weaves he even makes bigger ones and even ones that stand alone!

For lunch we had leftover sticky rice and fried eggs. Then for dinner we had spaghetti (actually angel hair, Matt had bought like six packs by mistake awhile back) and mini meatballs from the Italian store in homemade sauce. It made a ton so we can have it as a dinner another day too.

I think I will go to the supermarket this week. It will be nice to pick food out in person and spring stuff is on sale already!

One positive of all this is that my least favorite season, winter went by very quickly! It was nice not to have to worry about driving in the snow or being out in the cold. All of the days are a blur but at least it’s almost March.

I signed up for a CSA that is all produce from farms here in Baltimore City! I have to pick it up but it’s pretty close. It starts in May. Hopefully I will be vaccinated by then but I think they just leave it on a table for you so it’s no contact.

We watched some more of the French series Murder in… on Mhz. Each one is a different French speaking city. One was in Reunion Island which was very interesting.

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