daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 344: Haluski & Kielbasa

We watched Kielergata on Mhz. It was really good! I also watched some Here on Now during the day when I weaved and I can see why it wasn’t renewed. Kielergata was a lot of fun though .

We had some beef leftover from the sandwiches we had for dinner earlier in the week so Matt had it on the last of the rolls and I had it over chapagetti. I realized I don’t love chapagetti. I liked the jajangmyeon noodles we had earlier in the year but chapagetti is a little blah unless you make chapaguri.

For dinner I made use haluski with a very old cabbage (I really think I bought it in October!) that was still perfectly good. Not even wilted a tiny bit! We have a enclosed porch where I stick the harder vegetables so they don’t take up space in the fridge and it works great. We aren’t having guests over anyway! We had some kielbasa from a Whole Foods order so I sautéd that on the side and added it in.

I finished another weaving!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 343: Spatchcocked Chicken

For lunch we had leftover pizza heated up in a skillet.

For dinner Matt spatchcocked a chicken with some golden beets, potatoes, turnips and onions I tossed with smoked paprika and garlic herb seasoning. So good! Matt wanted to make biscuits but got caught up at work. He did make chopped liver from the giblets bag though.

I worked on the estate and some medical stuff for my dad. It’s really exhausting. I don’t know why so many places want faxes?

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 342: “Steak” Sandwiches

For lunch I had some leftover pork chop over mi goreng. It was actually tastier than it was the the first time! Matt had some chickarina.

For dinner I made sandwiches with cube steak. I had frozen it a long time ago (maybe with chicken fried steak in mind?). We did make chicken fried steak earlier in the pandemic and that was enough. We used to eat it pan fried as a kid but it’s not something we normally eat. Anyway, I cut it against the grain and cooked with smoked paprika, Worcestershire sauce and garlic herb seasoning then put it in mini sub Hawaiian rolls with shredded Gouda. Not too shabby! One the side, I heated up broccoli with the leftover mashed potatoes.

Still working on the same weaving. We watched the Bay finale and tried an old movie on DVD but it was not good.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 340: Valentine’s Day!

My favorite holiday!

For lunch Matt made shrimp pasta salad with artichoke hearts.

For dinner he made a big strip steak (we split it), broccoli (blanched then sautéd in the beef pan), duchess potatoes (from Lidl), and roasted mushrooms.

For dessert he made a buttermilk chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting using the top two tiers of a heart shaped baking pan set my mom used for Valentine’s Day and my birthday growing up.

We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (HBO Max) which he somehow had never seen. I gave him a kalimba so he played around with that.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 339: Smoked Trout Pasta & Musubi

For lunch we had our big meal of smoked trout with Swiss chard and pasta. So good! The Whole Foods trout has more bones than I’m used to though.

For dinner Matt made seaweed salad and spam musubi.

I started a new project on my rickety loom and we watched Discovery of Witches and Dickinson. There was a Rye Rye song and Edgar Allan Poe in Dickinson which made it seem oddly Baltimore themed. Coincidence?

daily recap · what we ate

Day 338: Pork Chops & Mash

For lunch I just had some canned tomato rotini soup with a wedge of cheddar and Matt had noodles and cottage cheese. I’m glad he has some go-to easy lunch! I haven’t shopped in person for over two months and we haven’t gotten much in the way of grocery delivery so we are a little limited on random foods and leftovers.

For dinner Matt made pork chops (from the freezer, I don’t feel like pork chops freeze the best but they were okay) with mushroom and mashed potatoes with gravy. We are getting a little low on vegetables here so potatoes and mushrooms count, right?

We watched the last in the Lara Jean trilogy on Netflix. Did they get a bigger budget or what? Korea and NYC? I don’t understand why she wants to be with Peter in college. He’s fine for HS but not too bright and kind of immature.

I finished off my ninth wall hanging! I really do not like this loom so Matt told me order another one. I found one that is adjustable in height and cheaper than the other one I was looking at so I ordered it. Hopefully it is good and arrives soon! Matt kept urging me to get a really huge one but I think that would take up more room and I’m not sure often I’d be making anything that big.

I signed up at our local mass vaccination site. I hope we can get into some where else first and my dad into anywhere because the mass location is awkward and I’ve heard long waits and lines with no bathrooms. I’m ready to get vaccinated and feel comfortable shopping in person again. The new variants are creeping me out.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 336: Bratwurst with Beans and Swiss Chard

I went over my dad’s to get the tax stuff and magazines. My mom loved Valentine’s Day and always got us candy from Rheb’s and seasonal treats even though we were old lol. My dad gave me a bag of Dove hearts he bought at Target which I thought was nice of him. He said he knew my mom would have done it. No big visit, just a hand off, I’m worried about the new strain and I still can’t get him a into a vaccine slot anywhere.

Then I came home and heated up the soup from yesterday for lunch. And a tiny bit of stuffing.

Sorted out some things with my dad’s insurance. It’s surprisingly easy to call on his behalf and do things. Like shouldn’t it be more difficult to remove people’s names from their car insurance? I have policy numbers etc but still.

I nervous about doing the taxes mom handled it all and last year I offered to help (between Covid and her cancer) and she didn’t want help but I wish she had or I pushed because I’ve had to sort of reverse engineer a lot about their bills and finances that she would totally know the answers too. Luckily she was a huge note taker and very organized but I don’t want to miss anything! Hopefully it will be clear if I am missing anything as I fill it out. I don’t want to have to outsource it during a pandemic!

For dinner I heated up some fat tire bratwurst (very beer-forward) with Swiss chard and great northern beans. It was tasty! I had thought about making potatoes with it but it was getting late and we were starving. Also had some Milk Bar red velvet truffles from our order last week. Yum.

I got a notice that it’s time to renew this site! Almost a year!!

We watched Les Girls (Netflix dvd) which was an odd movie! The songs were not great but the costumes were good.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 335: Amish style Chicken Soup

For lunch I made us Amish style “chicken pot pie” which is really chicken noodle but with big square egg noodles.

I can post the recipe if anyone is interested! It was really good and used up the leftover chicken from Saturday.

For dinner we heated up the leftover khoresht kadoo. I did it in a skillet because it was faster than baking it with the rice and it ended up reminding me of biryani. I miss take out!

I worked on my weaving. I really don’t like my bigger loom, it feels flimsy. I also didn’t like how part of it looked so I’m going to redo that tomorrow.

We watched out Traces on Britbox (we really liked it, a very solid and well-constructed show—the writer was on a lot of British shows we’ve watched over the years) and The Bay. Not sure where that one is heading.

Tomorrow I am going to my dad’s to pick up his tax forms and some magazines my mom subscribed to where the subscription hasn’t run out yet.