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Day 360: faux Cubano

Really sneaking up on a year here!

Actual outings today! I had to set up my dad with an online account to manage his vaccine appointment. We managed to do it via conference call but I ended up over there to pick up some mail he needed help with. He made oatmeal chocolate muffins and sent me home with some.

I really needed soda (I know!) and was going to do curbside at Target or delivery but thought it might be better to go in since I was in the suburbs anyway and it was early. I drove up and Michael’s was deserted so I dashed in there first and got some yarn and warp thread. It was weird being in an actual store and almost browsing! It was nice being able to see the colors in real life.

Then went to Target and got soda, Easter candy and odds and ends Aldi doesn’t sell.

I came home and Matt made sort of Cuban sandwiches with the leftover pork, pickles and onions with gruyere. And we ate the haggis chips we got back when we ordered Matt’s Scottish oatmeal. They were quite good!

We were stuffed after lunch so we had a bagged salad (a new one from Aldi with avocado) and poppy seed and pumpernickel bagels (half each) we froze and the last of lox. So good!! That Russ & Daughters order was great.

More French mysteries, according to Wikipedia we are watching them in some crazy order and I can’t find one of them on the list but it was good to see more about the actors and locations. Some looked really familiar.

Enjoying the Maintenance Phase podcast. The snake oil one has been best so far.

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