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Day 362: Eggplant Parm

Very close to a year! It was around now that we did out last “normal” outings of dim sum and then tapas. I remember at dim sum (with six others!) wondering if we should share the dumplings or get our own and talking about how one of the couple’s trip to Europe in the spring would most likely be canceled.

We had leftover tenders as a sandwich with avocados on the leftover rolls for lunch.

I had planned trout for dinner but Matt was reading the Marcella Hazan cookbook and decided he wanted to make eggplant parm so he made that. It’s the kind without breading but I can’t decide if it’s actually lighter or not. It was very tasty! He also poached the trout so I can make salad with it tomorrow. I want to make cookies too! Today I was a little headachy so didn’t get much done but read.

We watched Trouble in Paradise (Netflix dvd). Neither of us had seen it before. Very fun!

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