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Day 375: Pot Roast & Cauliflower Kugel

For lunch we had olive bread, a fancy spread and cheese from Whole Foods.

For dinner Matt made pot roast and cauliflower kugel. I liked the kugel a lot! Normally we make potato kugel but we had a cauliflower that was taking up a lot of room in the fridge I wanted to get rid of.

Exciting news! Matt got a text saying they had a spot for a vaccine at one of the state clinics downtown. It was really surprising because the new guidelines have him being eligible in Mid-April. Maybe they had extra? He was on the waiting list and answered truthfully (and again when he had to sign the screener again) yet it still let him make an appointment. It was very short notice with very limited spots and a window of 10 minutes to reply so maybe they had a bunch of cancellations or something?? Anyway! This will be great to have him, my dad and me done so close together!

We watched Sparkling Cyanide on Britbox. It was from like 2003 and really seemed like a back door pilot to me, lots of interesting enough but not really needed character development. Dominic Cooper was in it and looked like a baby. It really wasn’t like the Agatha Christie book at all, I think they could have dropped that connection—they reimagined it as a older couple of MI-5 agents which was cute.

We also watched some Mallorca Files. The show is pleasant but boy do you forget it like 10 minutes later. I don’t think I could tell you who a single criminal was on it or their motivations. I don’t know what it is about that show! The premise is similar to Death in Paradise and I remember a lot of that vividly.

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