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Day 376: Boneless Beef Ribs & Veggies

For lunch we had sheet pan nachos with the leftover pork and some black beans. It’s a great way to use up leftover meat/salsa/cheese/chips when we are out of tortillas.

For dinner we did a Korean inspired beef rib in the slow cooker and served it on rice with broccoli and baby bok choy. We haven’t had the best luck with Whole Foods produce delivery, it seems to spoil very quickly.

I’m planning to go to Costco this week so maybe they will have some good produce? We don’t really need a ton of other groceries, just veggies and and small dairy items so I’d rather not have to do another grocery shop. I hate grocery shopping!

It is a beef heavy few days—chicken always expires first and beef last so it happens. I figure it evens out.

Tomorrow is Matt’s vaccine appointment so fingers crossed that goes well. It is not where my dad and I did ours.

More weaving and reading. Matt made clotted cream shortbread and delivered some to our friend. I don’t love shortbread but it was pretty good! Our friend sent him home with some sweet and savory cookies he made so we had them too after dinner. Love giving friends who cook!

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