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Day 379: Ribs & Rice

I had to go to my dad’s to drop off the candy we picked up for him and my brother for Easter and check on things around his house. My dad also picked up some crabmeat for me at the store that was on sale He’s near Costco (we aren’t) so I packed a cooler and went. Costco is always a little stressful! But I did find some It’s Its bars which I am excited about. I read about them years ago and they are just now being sold outside of California. I also got lamb and lobster tails for our anniversary tomorrow. I realize I got a rack of lamb for dinner, a lamb roast for Easter and we ordered lamb from Zahav to be delivered in early April. That’s a lot of lamb! Oh well! It can be really difficult to find here outside of early spring.

For lunch I picked up a sandwich/salad combo at Costco and Matt had some rotisserie chicken.

For dinner we had leftover beef ribs I sautéd with zucchini served over rice.

We started this new show from Luxembourg on Netflix that was pretty good. I really felt like the day got away from me! My dad doesn’t live that close and Costco took forever. It was also pouring down rain so I got soaked while loading up the car. Not fun.

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