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Day 382: Lobster Salad

Today we went to pick up a Hoosier cabinet I found on Facebook outside of the city. It was weird talking to a stranger! It was a very peppy retired man who told me he was vaccinated. The new small talk! Unfortunately the whole thing didn’t fit in my car (or half in Matt’s like we hoped) so we had to go back. It looks cute in place!

For lunch we made lobster salad with the leftover lobster tails. So fancy! I got them at Costco so it was a big pack of them so it made a lot of salad.

Then for dinner we went in the opposite direction and had leftover rotisserie chicken and mushrooms over mi goreng. High-low.

We watched a movie about the 1970 Miss World completion which wasn’t bad (Misbehavior, Netflix DVD) but a little flat.

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