daily recap · what we ate

Day 386: Take out (!)

For lunch I made a big tuna and bean salad. Matt didn’t feel well so he had a can of soup.

Then our power went out! It was out most of the day! We were very close to driving some of the contents of the refrigerator to someone’s house to store them for us (the car was packed!) but just as Matt was pulling out of the drive way the lights came back on.

Matt ended up getting take out because we didn’t want to keep fussing and opening the fridge and it was getting late. We got Chinese food and it was so salty! Was it always so salty? Did we not notice? This was the first real take out beyond grocery store sandwiches twice.

We watched Top Gun (Netflix dvd). Neither of us had seen it before! I wasn’t expecting so much actual flying! There wasn’t much too it, I’m surprised it was such a hit. There was no real plot. A movie framed around Goose and Meg Ryan would have been cute; they were the only two characters with backstories or personalities.

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