daily recap · what we ate

366: Pork Chops

For lunch I had leftover chicken in mi goreng with asparagus and Matt had a can of soup. For dinner we had pork chops, bagged salad and Hawaiian rolls. I had grand plans but Matt worked late so we went for easy.

I also made some chicken thighs in the slow cooker for tomorrow.

We watched To Be or Not to Be. Neither of us had seen it; I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Jack Benny movie before.

Finished this!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 365: Leftovers

It seems fitting to have had leftovers twice on the anniversary of staying at home!

We had leftover chicken and rice for lunch then leftover spaghetti with eggplant parm for dinner (for me, Matt had a can of soup because he didn’t feel well).

I finished up one weaving and worked on another while we watched Great British Menu.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 364: Chicken and Rice

I made our main meal for lunch and made a chicken and rice skillet. I hadn’t tried this technique before but it came out great!

For dinner we had leftover trout salad, a take and bake baguette, some spreadable cheese from Aldi, hard boiled eggs and an avocado.

We watched more Crimes Parfaits the detective from the Agatha Christie series we liked was a villain in one!

More weaving!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 363: Trout Salad & Cookies!

For lunch I made trout salad over asparagus then immediately made Lucky Charms Cookies! Both were excellent!

For dinner we made some Aldi red bag chicken sandwiches with brioche rolls and pickles. They are an easy meal but they are not quick! I think they take about 40 minutes which makes sense because they are frozen and actual chicken breasts not patties.

Watched more French mysteries on Mhz. I we started a new series, Crimes Parfaits which has some French stars we recognize trying to commit or solve the perfect crime. It’s not the best but it’s cute.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 362: Eggplant Parm

Very close to a year! It was around now that we did out last “normal” outings of dim sum and then tapas. I remember at dim sum (with six others!) wondering if we should share the dumplings or get our own and talking about how one of the couple’s trip to Europe in the spring would most likely be canceled.

We had leftover tenders as a sandwich with avocados on the leftover rolls for lunch.

I had planned trout for dinner but Matt was reading the Marcella Hazan cookbook and decided he wanted to make eggplant parm so he made that. It’s the kind without breading but I can’t decide if it’s actually lighter or not. It was very tasty! He also poached the trout so I can make salad with it tomorrow. I want to make cookies too! Today I was a little headachy so didn’t get much done but read.

We watched Trouble in Paradise (Netflix dvd). Neither of us had seen it before. Very fun!

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 360: faux Cubano

Really sneaking up on a year here!

Actual outings today! I had to set up my dad with an online account to manage his vaccine appointment. We managed to do it via conference call but I ended up over there to pick up some mail he needed help with. He made oatmeal chocolate muffins and sent me home with some.

I really needed soda (I know!) and was going to do curbside at Target or delivery but thought it might be better to go in since I was in the suburbs anyway and it was early. I drove up and Michael’s was deserted so I dashed in there first and got some yarn and warp thread. It was weird being in an actual store and almost browsing! It was nice being able to see the colors in real life.

Then went to Target and got soda, Easter candy and odds and ends Aldi doesn’t sell.

I came home and Matt made sort of Cuban sandwiches with the leftover pork, pickles and onions with gruyere. And we ate the haggis chips we got back when we ordered Matt’s Scottish oatmeal. They were quite good!

We were stuffed after lunch so we had a bagged salad (a new one from Aldi with avocado) and poppy seed and pumpernickel bagels (half each) we froze and the last of lox. So good!! That Russ & Daughters order was great.

More French mysteries, according to Wikipedia we are watching them in some crazy order and I can’t find one of them on the list but it was good to see more about the actors and locations. Some looked really familiar.

Enjoying the Maintenance Phase podcast. The snake oil one has been best so far.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 359: Roast Pork

For lunch I had some leftover ham chowder.

For dinner Matt made black beans and rice with zucchini and slow roasted some boneless pork butt pernil style.

A little pork heavy for meals but I’ve found those pork butts don’t keep long after we buy them even if the date’s good.

Trying to help my dad with things is a full time job! Just getting online accounts set up and the vaccine schedule is exhausting.

We watched a good French mystery and went to bed lol

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 358: Ham Chowder

Big trip to Aldi today!! I wrote about it here. It was weird being around so many people. I hadn’t shopped in person since 12/9/20. Now all the St Patrick’s Day goodies were out. Our fridge is so full.

Doing these mega shops is time consuming and a little exhausting so I put up some ham chowder in the slow cooker before I left. I picked up a take and bake pizza so we had that for lunch then had the soup for dinner.

We tried the 1989 Bloodhounds on Broadway (Netflix dvd) and it was awful! We watched a little more of the French mysteries too. I really don’t think they are a series in France the way they are here. They all have different titles. Maybe it’s a “Monday night movie” type thing like we had decades ago.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 357: Hot Dogs

Tomorrow I’m going shopping at Aldi so today was clear out the fridge day!

For lunch Matt had leftover spaghetti and meatballs and I had some frozen shrimp.

For dinner, roasted potatoes, tiny butternut squash and hot dogs.

Then we prepped all our veggies in the fridge for soup tomorrow: turnips, rutabaga, a carrot and parsnips. Plus potato and ham.

We watched more murders in France then tried to go to bed early.